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4 Smart Substitutions to Boost your Health

Making a few substitutions can be a simple way to boost your nutrition intake and health. To get the most out of your diet, try making these four healthy and easy substitutions in place of less healthy choices.

  1. Whole grains: swap refined grains with whole grains or ancient grains such as whole-grain steel-cut oats, barley, millet, amaranth, quinoa (technically a seed) and buckwheat. These grains have more fiber and nutrients and will leave you feeling fuller longer. Processed grains and breads contains many terrible additives, refined flours resulting in empty calories and very little nutrition.

  2. Pump up the plant proteins: swap high-fat and processed meat products with plant-based proteins like beans, quinoa, tempeh, nuts, seeds etc. Plant proteins are high in fiber and anti-oxidants which will leave you feeling full and energized, instead of heavy, bloated, or sluggish. Plant proteins also cut cancer risks.

  3. Healthy fats: swap butter with extra-virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Coconut oil and olive oil are cholesterol free. Coconut oil contains the easier-to-digest, medium-chain fatty acids which quickly convert to energy instead of fat, and have metabolism-boosting properties. Unlike butter, olive oil is known to have anti-inflammatory and heart-healthy properties. Swap milk or condensed milk in cooking with coconut milk. It provides the same feel and texture without the cholesterol.

  4. Hydrate: swap soda, sports drinks, and other sugary beverages with Infused or sparkling water, or coconut water. Fruit-infused water is great way to add a splash of flavor and get antioxidants and some nutrients in the process. Sparkling water hydrates and provides the fizz without the sugar and harmful artificial ingredients. In addition, coconut water is a great substitute for sugar-filled sports drinks. It quickly replenishes electrolytes and provides an energy boost without food coloring and other artificial ingredients.

For a healthy breakfast try swamping a latte, cereal or donut with this power-packed green smoothie.

Dr. Ruby’s Green Power Smoothie


  • ·1 cup frozen organic berries

  • ·1 banana

  • ·2 kale leaves or handful of mixed greens

  • ·4 tablespoons hemp seeds or pumpkin seeds

  • ·2-3 dates (seeds removed)

  • ½ teaspoon Moringa powder

  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon

  • ·½-1 cup water or coconut water


Blend until smooth; add more water as needed to aid blending.

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