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Charles from Virginia


“After two weeks of following Dr. Ruby’s plan, my diabetic retinopathy significantly improved (cloudiness in both eyes is gone and most spots have diminished). My mind is clearer and I’m sharper at work. The chest pain I have experienced for the last several years walking up hills is gone!

2 weeks later: 

“I’m so excited. My belt loop dropped an inch.  I’m at 33 inches now.  Good ol’ Dr. Ruby!”



“My acid reflux is gone, just like that! This just after one consultation with Dr. Lathon and following her advice.”



“Took your forbidden rice sesame pilaf to work today in a HUGE container and I have a few grains left! They were fighting over it!”

F. Smith from Washington, DC


“Dr. Lathon’s nutritional coaching services were phenomenal. I originally secured her Personalized Comprehensive Wellness Nutrition coaching package for my wife, two daughters and later for myself. She met with my ladies several times; once to access their needs and goals, once to present and review her individually customized plans and other times to access progress, answer questions and to encourage growth. The plans were extremely detailed including everything from sample healthy menus and supplements suggestions to strategies for grocery shopping and eating out. Because my health situation was much more complicated I scheduled my consultations apart from those of my family. Dr. Ruby took the extra time to research and report why I had problems with various supplements. I plan on acquiring similar services from her again soon.


She is personable, attentive, knowledgeable and completely absorbed with helping people live long, productive and healthy lives. Her services were all I expected and much more so I don’t have suggestions on how she could improve. On second thought, maybe should combine her engineering and food preparation skills to invent and distribute a robot to shop and cook like her. I’d be the very first to buy one.”

Sarah G. from Washington DC


"I love Ruby! I purchased her services 7 months ago and I haven't looked back since! Her advice, knowledge, and genuine personality keeps me motivated to continue with the customized program she set up for me. Her Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Macaroons are to die for! Thanks Ruby!!"


Leo P. from District Heights, MD

“Very simple and easy to prepare menus of delicious, nutritious food.  Makes vegan meals something to look forward to, good to you as well as good for you!”


Hi Dr. Ruby--I've long been a fan and save all your recipes, so was very happy that you shared the Thanksgiving menu with those of us who missed the webcast.  I tried the Collard Wraps today and that truly is an inspired combination of flavors; the most delicious thing I can remember experiencing on the raw vegan diet.  What a joy you are.


And a blessing and a true culinary prodigy. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

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