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Dr. Lathon and her team provide holistic health programs, dynamic health and wellness seminars, courses, workshops and coaching to get you on the road to optimal health. We cater to both large and small groups and are available for individual consultations. Ranging from 1-hour motivational, health and wellness workshops to comprehensive 2-day symposiums, the holistic health team designs programs to meet your specific needs. Please contact us for further details or for a quote.



Holistic Health Programs & Nutrition Courses - Washington DC


Dr. Ruby Lathon - Plant-Based Holistic Nutritionist

vegan dietitian holistic nutritionist programs courses washington dc


Seminars & Workshops

holistic health programs nutrition courses  wellness seminars, workshops
  • Chronic Disease Prevention and Recovery (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue, etc.)

  • Plant-based Nutrition and Meal Planning 

  • Women and Men’s Health

  • Weight and Stress Management

  • Corporate Wellness Lunch Hour Series

Plant-based Cooking Classes and Demonstrations

cooking classes washington dc
  • Cooked and Raw Food

  • Juicing and Smoothies

  • Tastings

  • Personalized In-Home

Nutrition Coaching & Consultations

nutrition coaching holistic health counselor washington dc
  • Personalized Basic Nutrition Consultation

  • Personalized Comprehensive Nutrition Coaching Plan

  • Therapeutic Menu Plans

  • Menu Planning: Vegan, Raw, Gluten-free

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