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Staying Healthy During Cold & Flu Season!

Fall is a wonderful time of year. But as the temperature dropsand winter moves in we often acquire some unwelcomedguests—no, not long lost family members! I’m referring to theunwelcomed sniffles, sneezes, coughs and fevers. But thatdoesn’t have to be the case for you; you can successfully ward offcolds and flu with a few simple tips. Frequent hand washing is agreat line of defense, but there is more you can do stay well. Couple frequent hand washingwith a strong immune system and you are on your way to a happy and healthy winter season.Below are five simple tips to boost your immune system and help you stay well, even attemperatures well below zero.

  1. Boost your vitamin C intake. Lemons are an easy and natural way of getting morevitamin C. Squeeze half a lemon in a glass of water anddrink it every day. Lemon water is even better thandrinking a glass of orange juice because you get morevitamin C with fewer sugars. Lemon water also has antibacterialproperties and is a mild detoxifier.

  2. Increase your water intake. Drinking more water willhelp flush toxins from your system and will keep youhydrated—a key to optimal health. Dehydrationstresses the body and diminishes its capability to fightoff the bacteria and viruses. Start with 2 glasses ofwater (with lemon) upon rising and keep drinkingthroughout the day. If you do get a cold, drinking plenty of water will also help yourecover sooner by loosening mucus and phlegm so that it exits the body quickly.

  3. Increase your sleep time. Your body does its repair and rejuvenation work while youare sleeping; the more sleep you get, the more mending your body is able to do and thestronger your immune system becomes. A study conducted by the Archives of InternalMedicine showed that those who slept fewer than seven hours a night were three timesmore likely to develop a cold than those who averaged eight or more hours. Don’t letyourself get run down by being a busy bee—get your sleep! Get 8 to 9 hours ofuninterrupted sleep per night without television, radio or other background noise.

  4. Reduce sugar intake. With holiday season right around the corner, this may seemdifficult but well worth it! Processed sugar suppresses the immune system; the moresugar you eat the less effective your body will be in fighting off colds, flu, and other maladies. If you know you lots of sweets will be on a party menu, drink lots more waterand add a healthy helping of green vegetables. Only choose your favorite deserts andhave them in moderation. A buffet of 5 different desserts does not mean you shouldhave them all—choose 1 and savor it!

  5. Stay active. Cold weather doesn’t mean we should hibernate, unless you are a bear!Exercise boosts cell activity that fight off bacteria. Bundle up and get your walk on, orfind a place to walk/exercise indoors. “Let’s Move” and keep moving all year long.

Be Well & Stay Well!

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