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How I Beat a Cheese Addiction

Watch the video to hear how I did it.

I hear so often that people can easily give up meat, but CHEESE is another story! I used to think the exact thing, that I could never do without cheese. It felt like such a fundamental part of my diet, not to mention all of the creamy dairy based sauces. I didn't want to give up the sour cream and ranch dressings, pizza, mac and cheese, ice cream and more!

But Once I re-educated myself, I realized that there are really good replacements for all of those and some taste better than the original! If you are struggling to give up cheese, try the step below and checkout the recipes on my website.

  1. Stop eating if for at least 28-days. This give your body a chance to stop the physical cravings.

  2. Educate yourself on why you should stop consuming it. A few reasons include:

    • Mucus forming

    • Inflammatory

    • Dairy digests acidic once consumed

    • Has IGF-1 growth hormone that is linked to several types of cancer

    • May contain the bovine leukemia virus linked to breast cancer

    • Fully of naturally occuring hormones and estrogen

    • Is designed for baby cows to grow quickly

    • The dairy industry is extremely cruel and abusive to the animals and workers

3. Find suitable alternatives for cheese and milk. Some of my favorite cheese alternative are homemade cashew cheese (see my raw pizza recipe on Youtube for my cashew cheese recipe), Miyoko's Creamery, VioLIfe and Follow Your Heart Smoked Gouda.

You can beat that cheese addiction. Let's GO!


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