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5 Healthy Summer Eating Tips!

We all love summer. It is certainly my favorite time of year and with my June birthday ushering it in, what's not to love! Summer is a great time to recharge and have more fun, and often that means indulging a little. Eating healthy doesn't have to come to end because of your summer vacations. You can still eat health while indulging just a little. Here are my 5 tips for eating healthy during summer vacays and outings:

  1. Fill up on good stuff first. At outings start with the fresh summer produce. Great options include leafy greens, grilled corn on the cob, grilled mushrooms, and other vegetables, both grilled and raw. Start with hearty salads like a mango kale salad, a crunchy coleslaw and other fresh vegetables and fruit. This leaves less room less healthy options

  2. Stay Hydrated. Sometimes dehydration can be mistaken for hunger; head this off by staying hydrated with filtered water. It’s best to drink 30-45 minutes before a meal and 45-60 minutes after a meal to aid with efficient digestion of food. Small amounts (1/2 cup or less) can be consumed during meals). Adequate hydration is also necessary during hot summer months. Juicy fruits and vegetables also play a role in keeping you hydrated.

  3. Take along healthy snacks and/or eat a small meal in advance. Another handy tool to avoid eating unhealthy foods is to head off temptation by eating a small meal in advance of your outing or road trip. Keeping fruit or trail mix on hand. Try health snack like kale chips or air-popped corn.

  4. Swap out unhealthy options with healthy options. Among the pitfalls of cookouts and outings are charred meats, dairy-based dips, and sweets. One way to ensure there are options that you can enjoy is to offer to bring a healthy side dish and use diary alternatives like cashew or coconut bashed dips or dishes. Bean burgers or other meat alternatives can be substituted for meat burgers.

  5. Watch out for unhealthy sweets made with white sugar or unhealthy sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup. Go for fruit or healthy frozen desserts like sorbets, non-diary ice creams or sweets made with whole grains or natural sweeteners like maple syrup or dates. Homemade popsicles made with fruit are always a great summer treat.

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