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Giving the Gift of Health

t’s gift giving season! Many of us are probably still trying to figure out what gift to give friends and family. I was recently asked what I wanted for Christmas and struggled to come up with an answer, because what I want most is something I have to give to myself, good health! Sure, I’ll take a new kitchen gadget or spa treatment, or a million bucks! But what I work for everyday is to improve my health routine and self-care. It’s not always easy!

If you are like me, you sometimes sacrifice your sleep, exercise and self-care just to get the job done. But I know I can only do that for so long before my health suffers. Striking the balance of taking care of business (family, work, etc) and taking care of self is challenging but can be done. Once we acknowledge that taking care of self really is the first priority and is the only way we can fully care for others, it becomes a bit easier. Below are a few tips to get you going on your self-care routine.

  1. Schedule time for yourself to do nothing. Once your have this time on your schedule, you can decide to do nothing or something else that brings you calm or happiness, like reading or listening to music.

  2. Get outside, even in the winter for short walks.

  3. Give yourself permission to say no to things you don’t really want to do.

  4. Be mindful. That means focusing on the present and being fully in the moment.

  5. Meditate. This not only slashes stress but it helps you cultivate mindfulness. Cutting stress is a monumental part of self-care and overall health.

  6. Eat well. I can help with that! Check out my site for healthy vegan recipes, videos and upcoming events. Get a consultation if you need more guidance. And limit the sugar, even during the holiday.

  7. Get plenty of sleep. Your body does its repair work while we sleep. Without enough sleep, you leave your body vulnerable to premature aging, poor immunity, fatigue and disease development. Get the Z’s!

It’s time to put you and your health first! Gift yourself with good health, energy and happiness. The best gift you can give your friends and family is a healthy you and a great example that inspires them to follow along!

If you need a tune-up give yourself and a friend a health tune-up and join us on January 27th. Not in the area? Join us online for our 3-day Detox and 28-Day Going Vegan Challenge.

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