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What's on the Menu?


People often ask me about what I eat on a regular basis and if I'm whipping up elaborate meals

daily. Truth is, I keep it simple. While I love to cook, I really love cooking for others and when it comes to my daily routine I often don't have the time to cook up a big meal for myself. So I keep it healthy and simple and prepare more intricate meals on the weekend. This approach helps keep me on track. I keep a few things constant and add then add in the variables. Constants:

  • I can't live without my morning power smoothie which always includes some fresh greens and usually a raw protein powder and green powder like spirulina or a blend of greens.

  • I keep fruit on hand, and always have my "apple a day."

  • I often take my own trail mix (nuts, seeds, raisins, shredded coconut). Great for being on the run or I slip a natural nut/seed bar in my purse.

  • I make plans to work in a salad at lunch or dinner.

Now on to the creative stuff! Variables:

  • I often make some of my own recipes on the weekend and eat them throughout the week. My cranberry kale/quinoa salad is really hearty travels well for lunch. Click here for the video.

  • Lunch is pretty simple; I like simple! I make things that travel well like a gluten-free bean burrito to go with my salad and guacamole. An almond butter and banana sandwich or an avocado and tomato sandwich on sprouted gluten-free bread are some of my favorites. Other options include: homemade vegan Cesar salad (YUMMM) with roasted garbanzo beans, lettuce wraps, raw lasagna, bean dips with raw veggies or crackers, etc.

  • For dinner, I often make up a simple dish based on the veggies in my fridge or try a new vegetable that I haven't had before. Last night, I made a creamed chard and mushroom dish...OMG - recipe on the way! None left, by the way, talk about getting your greens in!

  • Occasionally, I try a recipe from one of the many vegan cookbooks that I have on hand. I occasionally eat out, at a vegan or vegan-friendly restaurant.

  • On the weekend, I let the creative juices flow, possibilities are endless!

Now, that's the abridged version of my typical diet, simple and satisfying. If you are looking for new healthy AND delicious ideas, join me on June 5th for my Summer Vegan Cooking Class, where we will be cooking up healthy and super delicious dishes!

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