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Teachable Moments

Teachable Moment: That moment when something unfortunate and usually painful (physically, emotionally or financially) happens and you realize that despite the pain, there is a lesson to be learned. I've had many of those moments. The most significant teachable moment was when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Soon after accepting the news that I had cancer, I knew there was a purpose and something that I needed to learn. I knew I would survive it, but the lesson to be learned was much more elusive. After a year of recovery and major changes, one of the lessons I clearly learned was to listen to my inner voice, the voice that struggled to be heard. I often joked that cancer gave me permission to say whatever I wanted to say without holding back. Those who knew me well before this noticed the change and welcomed it, calling me Ruby 2.0! Others had to get used to the new me. The old me traded confrontation for the the perception of peace. The old me swallowed discontent in order to make others feel comfortable. Not anymore! Speaking my heart and my mind was not only healing and freeing, it was beneficial to those around me who needed to hear my unfiltered truth. This Sunday, I get to personally hear about the lessons from someone who endured and survived a catastrophic car accident where she literally almost lost her head! Learning from others' teachable moments is a precious opportunity that we should taken whenever possible. Join us this Sunday at 3pm to be inspired and surrounded by others who walk in their truth! RSVP HERE!

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