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The Health Connection Between Your Mouth & Body

I believe in a holistic approach to wellness. Although some often compartmentalize systems and bodily functions, every system in your body is critically connected. However, it seems that nothing is more compartmentalized than oral health, with many avoiding the dentist until something catastrophic occurs. But the more we understand the link between oral health and overall health, the more you'll prioritize dental care.

Check out the infographic below for a snapshot of how dental health impacts overall health. As noted below, as many as 90% of systemic diseases produce oral signs and symptoms! Visit your dentist and if you are in the DC area, check out holistic dentist, Dr. Terry Victor (The DC Dentist). Dr. Victor did an excellent job of explaining this ink at our last Holistic Health Summit in Washington, DC. Here's to good oral health & wellness!

Body and mouth

Be sure you have the tools for good oral health:

- Regular dental checkups

- Tooth brush (electric or manual)

- Dental floss

- Oral irrigator

- Tongue scraper

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