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Let's Go Vegan Coaching with Dr. Ruby

Let's Go Vegan Coaching with Dr. Ruby


The Let's Go Vegan Nutrition Coaching program is designed for those who:

1-would like to adopt a new vegan diet and lifestyle,

2-have already adopted a vegan diet, but want assistance in maintaining it

3-have been vegan for a while, but would like to ensure your following an optimal nutrition plan

The one-time program fee includes:

  • 1 initial consultation held via Video Call or Phone with Dr. Ruby
  • 14-day healthy menu with recipes
  • Nutritional wellness overview
  • General supplement recommendations
  • Healthful vegan snack recommendations
  • Strategies for dining out and traveling while vegan
  • Email support for 2 months


If there are other health issues that you would like addressed, the Jumpstart Plan would be most suitable.

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