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Couples & Family Coaching Nutrition Wellness Package

Couples & Family Coaching Nutrition Wellness Package


The Couples & Family Coaching Nutrition Wellness Package is customized to address specific wellness needs and objectives for couples or families through a customized nutrition plan and individualized coaching sessions. The one-time program fee includes the same elements as the comprehensive plan but is customized for couples or families (4 family members or less).

Initial consultation and 6 phone coaching sessions. Follow-up consultations are scheduled: 2 or 3 weeks apart and held by phone. *Initial consultation held via Skype or phone for clients outside of the Washington, DC area.

  • 6 additional customized coaching sessions to aid accountability and provide expert guidance on implementing your nutrition plan, behavior modification, meditation, healing visualization and various other topics.
  • Email support and phone consultation during an 8-10 -week period
  • Customized healing foods/supplement recommendations to address specific health concerns
  • Customized 21-day healthy starter menu with recipes
  • Nutritional wellness overview
  • Basic food/supplement recommendations for healthy immune system
  • Healthful snack recommendations
  • Ongoing food/beverage log review (as needed)
  • Healthy menu planning assistance
  • Recipe modification (if requested)
  • Strategies for healthy dining out and traveling
  • Basic exercise/fitness recommendations
  • Healthy shopping assistance in-store or home visit pantry review.

*    Payment Plan Available: $400 due at appointment time and $366 due in 3 monthly payments.

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