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Ruby Lathon, Ph.D.

Toni St. Clair, NEP


Ready to super-charge your diet and life?

Sick of diets?

Curious about the vegan lifestyle?

Feeling confused about what to eat? and…


Can you imagine changing the way you eat, feel, look and live—in just 28 days?


Welcome to this power-packed transformation program designed just for you!


Unlike a diet, this transition to plant-based living teaches you how to eat foods that are healthy and delicious… without worrying if you are getting the critical nutrients that you need.

you’ll learn how to effortlessly meet your health goals during a 28-day period.



  • Transition to a healthy meat-free diet

  • Learn how to nourish and heal your body without deprivation


  • Lose weight quickly and easily while enjoying delicious food


  • Ditch old eating habits that don’t serve you anymore


  • Stop buying book after book, doing diet after diet, and still not experiencing the changes you desire


  • Uncover more happiness, more energy, and a feeling of total balance throughout

       the day


  • Live a life free from confusion about what to eat, where you feel completely in control of your body and mind


You start making long-lasting changes, instead of opting for the next quick fix. But, fair warning: it’s about so much more than just what’s on your plate.


We’ll teach you how to become a healthy person in a completely different way. These tools, tactics, and resources are designed to help you reduce stress, achieve your goals, live a healthier life, and learn how to balance everything that fills up your

crazy schedule.


These are the same tools that work for us and our clients. SO we know they’ll work

for you, too.


In just a few short weeks, you’ll discover:

  • How much BETTER your body feels when you give it what it needs

  • Which foods give you optimal energy, and jumpstart your metabolism

  • The exact steps, week by week, that help you achieve long-lasting results

  • More about yourself and your body than ever, with daily assignments over a 28-day period that will empower you to make lifelong changes

  • Tips for cooking healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that will leave you satisfied with every bite

  • Which snacks are healthy and easy to make - did we mention you get 40 of them?

  • Tactics for crowding out the unhealthy stuff, so you can bring in yummy foods to replace them—no deprivation here!

  • Easy ways to order healthy food when eating out - including your favorite restaurant


…. and invest in yourself and finally learn how to:

  • Plan your own healthy, stress-free meals – even if you’re busy and have no time

  • Pick healthy foods and create meals that will satisfy all of your taste buds

  • Fall in love with cooking and prepping nourishing and delicious meals for the whole family

  • Adore your kitchen and know how to make it feel like home

  • Make healthy snacks

  • Portion out your foods, while never feeling like you are dieting

  • Nourish your body with the right protein

  • Use tools for committing to change and to a healthy life.



A Vegetarian (Vegan) Recipe Guide and 40 Vegan Snacks On The Go:

Packed with 70 recipes that are gluten-free, family-friendly, and also chef-created (which means super yummy). Delicious snacks to keep your blood sugar stable, when life gets “full” or after

a workout.

Expert-Developed Food and Lifestyle Program:

This program was designed by us to promote good health, high energy, and conscious eating with food that is nourishing, satisfying, and easy to digest based our experience with our clients and our own journey. This unique program is designed to enhance a successful outcome for you through live and recorded education sessions.

Going Vegan Frequently Asked Questions:

Not sure if you can do this program “right”? This document was developed to reduce your anxiety and increase your confidence by separating fact from fiction. Based on the most frequently asked questions from our clients.

A Vegetable Cooking Method Guide:

You will learn how to prepare vegetables in the most nutritious, delicious and time-saving way.

Option for 1:1 Consultation:

Toni St. Clair can provide functional health support to make this program meet YOUR bio-individual health needs.  You can tailor your program to get well, not just eat better!

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Four Weekly Suggested Meal Plans With Shopping Lists:

We have taken the stress out of meal planning, preparing, and shopping so you can spend more time enjoying your vegan journey.​​

Top Vegan Protein Guide:

You will never have to ask again where do I get my protein and how much do I need? This informative guide highlights the highest sources of vegan protein.

A Simple to Use Food Diary:

The food diary is a powerful tool to bring awareness to your eating patterns by documenting how you feel physically and emotionally before and after each meal.

General Supplementation Guidelines:

Supplementation is based on individual needs. We share a few of our favorites to support overall health and wellness.

Option for 1:1 Coaching:

Dr. Ruby Lathon can provide additional holistic nutrition support to successfully guide you through obstacles to maintain your vegan eating program for a lifetime!

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You won’t feel deprived or have to focus on making different meals for you AND your family on this program. Nobody has time for that!  Our chef developed recipes are nutritious, delicious, and FAMILY FRIENDLY!  Here’s a sample entree recipe from our Going Vegan Recipe Guide:

You can easily serve this flavorful dish as an entree or a side dish.  ​Click here to download the recipe