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Couples/Family Jumpstart Nutrition Wellness Package

Couples/Family Jumpstart Nutrition Wellness Package


The Couples Jumpstart Nutrition Wellness Package is customized to address specific wellness needs and objectives through a customized holistic nutrition plan for couples. Each person will receive an individual customized nutrition plan. Couples will share the same menu plan.

  • 1 in-person initial consultation; *Initial consultation held via Skype or phone for clients outside of the Washington, DC area.
  • Customized healing foods/supplement recommendations to address specific health concerns for each person
  • Customized 10-day healthy starter menu with recipes for the couple
  • Nutritional wellness overview
  • Basic food/supplement recommendations for healthy immune system
  • Healthful snack recommendations
  • Strategies for healthy dining out and traveling

 *    Payment Plan Available: $350 due at appointment time, with remainder charged in 30 days.

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