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Coaching Nutrition Wellness Package

Coaching Nutrition Wellness Package


The Coaching Nutrition Wellness program is customized to address specific wellness needs and objectives through a customized nutrition plan and individualized coaching sessions. The one-time program fee includes:

Initial consultation and 6 phone coaching sessions. Follow-up consultations are scheduled 2 or 3 weeks apart and held by phone. *Initial consultation held via Skype or phone for clients outside of the Washington, DC area.

  • 6 additional customized coaching sessions to aid accountability and provide expert guidance on implementing your nutrition plan, behavior modification, meditation, healing visualization and various other topics.
  • Email support and phone consultation during the 8-10-week period
  • Customized healing foods/supplement recommendations to address specific health concerns
  • Customized 21-day healthy starter menu with recipes
  • Nutritional wellness overview
  • Basic food/supplement recommendations for healthy immune system
  • Healthful snack recommendations
  • Ongoing food/beverage log review (as needed)
  • Healthy menu planning assistance
  • Recipe modification (if requested)
  • Strategies for healthy dining out and traveling
  • Basic exercise/fitness recommendations
  • Healthy shopping assistance in-store or home visit pantry review.

*    Payment Plan Available: $400 due at appointment time and $233 due in 3 monthly payments.

  • Details

    The program includes: •Basic wellness nutritional overview •7 day healthy starter menu •Food and customized supplement recommendations to address specific concerns •List of healthful snacks and desserts •Ongoing food/beverage log review •Email and phone consultation •Customized healing foods/supplement recommendations to address specific health concerns •Healthy menu planning assistance •Recipe modification •Strategies for healthy dining out and traveling •Basic exercise recommendations •Healthy shopping assistance store or home visit (available for additional fee: $50)
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