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I’ve always had a firm belief that the body can heal itself and in January 2007 I was given the opportunity to put that belief to the test. When I received the shocking news that I had thyroid cancer, I resolved to find an alternative to surgery and began a quest to heal my body naturally. I discovered how to use food as medicine and embarked on a spiritual journey of self awareness, inner healing, and a deepened faith in God.


Fourteen months later, the once cancerous tumor was benign and months after that, the tumor completely dissolved! I am living proof that the body can heal itself when given what it needs. Taking a hiatus from a successful engineering career, I began teaching others about the healing powers of plant-based nutrition and pursuing my mission of inspiring others to live their healthiest and best lives!

Work with me on your journey to holistic health.





Dr. Ruby Lathon, Certified Holistic Nutritionist - Washington DC

Holistic Nutrition Programs, Seminars, Workshops & Courses

Why am I so passionate about

a plant-based diet?

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