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Raj Guru has a Ph.D. in Astrology and has garnered numerous national awards. Several universities have honoured him with degrees and medals, including the Prestige Awards – UK's "Best vedic astrologer" and the Indian Glory Awards' "Best Indian Astrology Guru."

Raj Guru, an Relationship Astrologer in Singapore, is a fervent believer in "Karma." He claims that our current lives are directly influenced by our past deeds, and that future difficulties can be prevented by making constructive efforts in our current actions. Raj Guru always encourages and assists his clients in finding solutions to their problems.

His knowledge extends beyond Vedic astrology. He is also well-versed in Muslim astrology, Western astrology, Chinese astrology, and Vastu shastra. His viewpoint is not materialistic. He believes that God not only exists in Heaven, but also in our planet. Our entire planet, he claims, is a "Abode of God."

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