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Final Fantasy VII - C7Project (HD) 2022




To include vii - Better have 1080p video. ‎ To include: viii - HD MP4 video streaming. ‎ To include: viii - My bet is you don't. - ‎ To include: vii - viii - From the source of your video, you can usually get a little idea of how the image is shaped, as well as if the video was taken with an analogue or digital camera. The sky and the clouds give the sky a magical shimmer. Spiraling stars only hint at how many nebulae and galaxies there may be in our universe. Lightning strikes, colored by the atmosphere, give insight into the cosmic radio frequencies of those that may, just may, exist somewhere in the universe. The universe seems to be alive with these waves, they describe its movements, as if dictating our own lives. From the depths of space, the most distant planets, and the most distant galaxies, it all begins with the most distant things we can see with the naked eye, the photons. These photons, invisible to the human eye, have left their origin in the upper reaches of the universe, as a result of the radiation emitted by the stars we can see, the ones that are closest to us. At this very moment, these photons are leaving the most distant galaxies, and are making their way to us through the most powerful, most massive, and most complex structures in the universe: those structures that we know as space. From a technological perspective, our eyes and our brains are the most powerful instrument available to us, and so it is these instruments that we use to uncover and understand the universe around us. The galaxy’s farthest stars are so distant from us that their light took 4 billion years to reach Earth, and yet we can see these very same stars with the naked eye. This is the power of light, and that is why we can see the sky so clearly with a pair of eyes. And even though our eyes have evolved to give us the ability to see these distant galaxies, our eyes are not the ultimate instrument. Our eyes are also capable of seeing past light, the signals from the galaxies in the universe. We now have the ability to pick up this signal, to listen to the very faint symphony of the universe, to understand the details of those galaxies, and to see how the matter that we can see from the surface of the Earth is distributed in space. This



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Final Fantasy VII - C7Project (HD) 2022

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