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Holistic Health Living & Eating Tips by Dr. Ruby Lathon

Making a few substitutions can be a simple way to boost your nutrition intake and health. To get the most out of your diet, try making these four healthy and easy substitutions in place of less healthy choices. 

  1. Whole grains: swap refined grains with whole grains or...

Have you seen this 81 year old body building grandmother? She is amazing! But before you dismiss her as superhuman or someone who lucked out with "good genes", know that she puts in the work to be and stay fit. It may not be your goal to be a bodybuilder, but we all wa...

Making the transition.

It’s funny how perspectives can drastically change over time.  A few years ago a vegetarian friend of mine mentioned that she was going vegan.  Although I had been vegetarian since early childhood, I was shocked!  I thought that being vegan was an...

People often ask me about what I eat on a regular basis and if I'm whipping up elaborate meals


daily.  Truth is, I keep it simple.  While I love to cook, I really love cooking for others and when it comes to my daily routine I often don't have the time to cook up a bi...

As a teen, my first music idols were Michael Jackson and Prince.  I kept a picture of MJ on my bedroom shelf and swore “PYT” was written just for me!  I only wore paisley because of Prince, and remember, like so many others, trying to style my hair like his.  He was or...

February is a short but very special month, not only is it Black History Month, right in the middle there’s Valentine’s Day.  While we highlight many special accomplishments of our fellow Americans, we are encouraged to show love to special people in our lives.  Additi...

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January 12, 2016

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